2016: A Future History of the United States

June 2016, Democrats are gleeful and Republicans are despondent.  Hillary is preparing for a coronation at the Democratic Party convention.  The only suspense is her choice for vice president.  The Republican primaries have not produced a victor.  The Republic Party convention is headed for a floor fight with three high vote candidates, two low vote candidates, and three king or queen makers willing to trade their support for cabinet positions or Supreme Court appointments.

November 2016, multiple legal challenges are being litigated in state courts, which will determine the president elect.  The litigants are requesting expedited decisions and appeals courts are rearranging their dockets.  Federal courts are preparing for challenges.  A constitutional challenge is seeking a new “do over” election.

The staff for the acting president has been seeking early resignations from Supreme Court justices and Federal court judges so that JB can appoint successors before his term ends.  Once again the Justices will select the next president.

The world is not waiting peacefully for a new US president.  Iran is weeks away from creating a missile-launched nuclear device and Israel is preparing military actions to prevent it.  North Korea has exploded a thermo-baric bomb southwest of the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands; the fallout is threatening to draw China, Japan, and Taiwan into military conflict.  Each potential president elect has different courses of action to resolve these problems.  The President, Senate, and House can’t find any mutually acceptable solutions.

Politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, journalists, and technologists weave their magic in this thrilling future history of the United States.

Chapter Preview

The table below provides links to some of the journalism/blogs that provide structure for the story.  The narrative (which I have not posted online yet) provides you, the reader, with inside information that is not available to the press.

How to use the table

The first time that you use the table sort it by “literary date” (by clicking at the top of the column), then read the entries from top to bottom. Note the highest sequence number. In the future, I’ll post entries that occur at a particular point in the chronology of the story.  These will have increasing sequence numbers but the literary date will correspond to its time in the chronology. For the first ten entries, the sequence number and the literary date correspond (have the same order). I hope you enjoy the preview.

TitleSequence NumberLiterary Date
Joy of the Gospels1October 4, 2014
D-Joy in Georgia2November 4, 2014
Electoral Lessons (PBS Transcript)3November 7, 2014
Beautiful Mind4January 25, 2016
Karl’s Elevator Pitch5January 26, 2016
Sweet Political Treat for Valentine’s Day 6February 14, 2016
Capital Venture7March 3, 2016
What Pollution?8March 10, 2016
Free Markets: Ain’t No Such Thing9April 6, 2016
Girl Talk10April 7, 2016