What Pollution?

Date: 10 March 2016
Publisher: Monder Blogue
Byline: Pierre Maginot
Headline: What Pollution?

Last week I traveled through San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  Voters there proudly proclaim themselves to be leftists; in truth they are no more than centrists.  This week I am traveling through three counties in southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego.  Orange County proclaims itself to be the most conservative in the US.

Alas, I never thought that I might agree with such troglodytes.  They say there is no global warming and that carbon dioxide is the product of gas-bag politicians.  Of course there is air pollution.  The putrefaction that these people call air quality is proof of pollution.

My point of agreement is more subtle.  The rightist deniers claim that global warming is a conspiracy among polluters.  They claim that conspirators realize that there will never be an international agreement between governments that could solve a problem as complex as pollution.  They also claim that granting exceptions for countries such as India and China ensures that the US will resist compromises that hurt their own industries.

This is not much of a conspiracy, so what is the point?  They also claim that polluters of air, water, soil and food prefer that that federal and state agencies ignore problems that they might solve by imposing costs and constraints upon polluters and concentrate upon international agreements that will never be achieved.

While I do not gag upon their theories, I do gag on the toxic mix they call air.  Perhaps the toxicity imperils their thinking or perhaps they enjoy the New York comedian who said “I don’t trust any air that I can’t see”.